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The Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal was founded in 2011 with a view to facilitating and reinforcing the already strong academic ethos in the study of law at the University of Oxford. It has the aim of providing students a platform from which to explore legal topics pertaining to the UK jurisdiction which are germane to the Jurisprudence curriculum; encouraging and promoting excellence in learning, debate and independent thought. This is further reflected in the democratising ‘by the students, for the students’ set-up, upon which the Journal is based.

In order to withstand the contemporary legal and political challenges that face us, in tandem with the increasing commercialisation of the legal profession, it is important to reinstate and engage with those values and skills which go to the heart of good study and good advocacy; analytical rigour, argumentative clarity and confidence in originality. The Editors, Oxford Law Faculty members and the OUULJ Honorary Board hope that this Journal will help to achieve the culture described. Although this project is in its infancy, we envisage that the Journal will become entrenched in the way that the Jurisprudence course is delivered. To this end, the Tutor Recommendation Scheme, whereby tutors will encourage strong candidates to make submissions, will be particularly instrumental in implementing OUULJ’s objectives of contributory learning.

I sincerely hope that OUULJ becomes a longstanding publication at the University of Oxford and that it provides students with an arena to engage with the most contentious issues of our day without curriculum constraints. Indeed, the Journal was conceived on the premise that we should not underestimate the contribution that the youngest legal minds can make to academic thought.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board members for their support and enthusiasm for this project and also Timothy Endicott and Jonathan Herring of the University of Oxford Law Faculty for their active endorsement of OUULJ and their positive reception to its proposal.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Sonam (Hertford College)

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